Our Approach

LearnBIG doesn’t just create courses, we build learning environments. Critical skills can’t be taught by the book — which is why we design courses around a growth mindset and experiential learning. Users learn how to make effective choices by, well, actually making choices.

Our video-based, interactive learning solutions create immersive environments with a distinctly human quality. That’s because we know how critical it is to engage each and every learner, and give them the tools they need to achieve mastery in any given subject. To do that, we drop users into true-to-life scenarios and ask them to make key decisions that drive the situation’s outcome. By harnessing learners’ engagement in these realistic scenarios, our courses create multiple memory cues that improve storage and retrieval of the knowledge your users need.

The interactive assessments throughout each course provide multiple points for learners to engage with material, and receive feedback tailored to their individual choices. And according to research from MIT, those consistent touch points lead to 25% more knowledge retention than courses that simply present information and leave assessment until the end. In other words:

We make learning stick.

“This was far and away the most enjoyable online training I have had."

-Fortune 500 Tech Company

“Have seen every tool out there… really impressed by the dynamic learning experience and instructional strategy.”

- Public Safety Industry Leader


Microsoft Inc
T-Mobile Inc
Taser Inc
Savers Inc
Harley Marine Services Inc

“LearnBIG’s interactive platform is fun to work with and engaging on a level that other media based training lack…our employees have given very positive feedback to the program. ”

- Supervisor, Marine Services Company

“In all my years in this field, I’ve never seen such commitment, drive and pure teamwork to achieve this level of high quality output, especially against a near-impossible timeline and a “uniquely challenging” end client. ”

- Nationally Accredited University


At LearnBIG, we create engaging, cloud based learning solutions for organizational change and leadership development. We mix interactive video and storytelling with humor and brain science to create immersive learning experiences.


Here’s a key fact of e-Learning: adult learners need a relevant reason to engage with new information. That’s why LearnBIG doesn’t just key into critical learning objectives, but works closely with our clients to get the full story of their brands.

By tailoring our voice, visuals, and tone, we construct a compelling brand narrative that creates a sense of purpose in learners.

Every brand has a story, and we tell one that your users will want to be a part of.

High quality production

The LearnBIG team has extensive experience in the television and documentary industries, allowing us to bring content to life.

From on-location or in-studio filming, to in-house editing and polishing, every step of our creative process is geared towards creating a beautiful final product that captivates the learner.


We stay on the cutting edge of effective online training by looking to one guiding principle: Science! We design our courses around how brains actually work.

Did you know that the average attention span lasts about eight seconds before dropping off? We do, and that’s why we make courses that combine crucial content and a pinch of humor in one short, interactive, and dynamic experience.

It definitely doesn’t hurt that our courses are based on TV-quality video shot by our in-house production team!


(We even have a picture of a brain so you know we mean business)

“LearnBIG’s work contributed to an overwhelmingly favorable learning experience.  Over 90% of learners reported the highest level of satisfaction and applicability.  This was a significant increase over the previous solution.”

- Nationally Accredited University


We’ve got learning down to a science—cognitive neuroscience, that is. This field of study tells us what works in learning and what doesn’t, from our brains’ point of view. And we’re going to let you in on a little trade secret: We don’t pay attention to boring things. Shocking stuff, right? Once the surprise wears off, consider these three Brain Rules: characteristics of learning that lasts.


When we repeat things, we remember them. But rote practice doesn’t translate directly to retention, so our courses put repetition into an interactive package. Knowledge recall becomes a rewarding activity, instead of a chore.

Sensory Integration

Our brains focus best when more of our senses are stimulated, and vision is the most dominant sense to engage. To make the most of our brains’ desire for a diverse sensory experience, our courses are based on high-end video, with challenging interactivity baked in. It’s hard for users to tune out when they’re seeing, hearing, and experiencing their subject matter!


Above all, humans are natural explorers, driven by innate curiosity. LearnBIG’s choose-your-own-adventure approach to course experience is the most powerful tool we have to foster a love for learning—no matter the subject.

Our technology isn’t just there for style’s sake (although that doesn’t hurt). Our systems are designed to promote mastery of key material in every learner, and we do that with interactions that frequently and accurately indicate where each learner is in the process. This feedback gives users actionable information that keeps them focused, and wanting to learn more. If you ask us, that’s a definite win-win. Thanks, neuroscience!