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The Importance of Passwords

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I grew up around computers.  When I was a kid, art projects were made using iMac software as often as crayons and paper.  And while I do remember having to use Encarta Encyclopedia on CD for research projects before the dawn of Wikipedia and Google Scholar, the internet has really always been a part of […]

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Personalized eLearning

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Just as each person is a unique individual, so each organization is unique because it is a group of individuals.  Just as an individual will have personal preferences formed through their point of view, each organization will have its own culture and way of working which is informed by its history and members.  Personalization can […]

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My Millennial Mindshift

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The assignment: design an eLearning module dealing with Millennials in the workspace. “Easy enough,” I thought.  “How hard is it to teach a Boomer the PC way to tell a twenty-something to get off social media and pay attention?”  But, there was a catch… the module couldn’t be in any way insulting to millennials. This […]