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eLearning for your Team Leaders

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When it comes to leadership there are a mind bogglingly large number of ways to go about it.  Everyone seems to have their own two cents to offer when it comes to inspiring and leading a team.  And even if you can get some broad agreement among people about how one should lead in theory, in practice individual personalities and circumstances will produce radially different experiences for different members of the team.  A quick and easy way to combat this internal confusion is to offer all of your team’s leaders a brief eLearning module on the fundamentals of leadership and how it fits into your company culture.

While everyone might have their own leadership style, there are some basic principles that can help everyone better manage their team.  Learning how to properly give and receive feedback is an important example, as is learning to provide good coaching.  Or, on an even more granular level, it can be very hard to lead a team if the person in charge doesn’t believe that the members of that team will ever be able to improve.  After all, if you believe your team can’t improve, then what exactly are you leading them for?  

Whether it’s designed for new hires and newly promoted manager, or geared more towards reinvigorating leaders who have become a little disillusioned with their position, a brief eLearning module that focuses on the fundamentals of productive team leadership will help to get everyone at your company on the same page as to the best practices and essential skills to focus on in their position.

But an overview of the basics is just the beginning.  An eLearning module can also help your leaders understand their role within the greater context of your company culture.  Leadership style and techniques are closely tied to what kind of company and team you have, and protecting that company culture is very important, especially as people enter or exit the team.  For example a team which revolves around self directed individuals will require a very different leadership strategy than a team which is focused on close collaboration or continual checking with superiors.  

Of course including company culture in an eLearning module is more than just adding your logo to the bottom right hand corner.  The language used in the module should reflect your brand and identity, and the people who are pictured should look like the people you work with everyday. The best eLearning courses talk to you like a fellow member of the team, using the language of your team and the tone of your brand.  “Congruent” is our watchword when it comes to eLearning, because we want the course to be a perfect fit for who you are, and what you’re trying to achieve.

By having eLearning modules which focus not only on getting all of your team leaders on the same page when it comes to best practices, but which also reinforce your company’s cultural values and practices, you’ll be able to not only get the best work out of your team leaders, you’ll be able to maintain those values that make your company unique, even as you hire new people.