80% of IT leaders consider weak passwords a serious threat to data security

Top 5 Cybersecurity Best Practices

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There’s a lot of buzz about cyber security–and for good reason. After all, 65% of IT leaders expect to be hit by a serious data breach in the next year. So how can you keep hackers from harming your organization? Brush up on these 10 best practices, and find out if you’re doing all you can to protect your business from cyber attacks.


  1. Educate Your Employees

When it comes to cyber security, your organization is only as strong as your weakest link: the users. Cyber attacks rely on human error to steal your company’s information, so your first step should be to invest in your people. Effective cyber security training will teach employees to create strong passwords, avoid phishing emails, and identify insecure apps and networks.


  1.  Set Clear Expectations for Vendors & New Employees

Cyber security should be a key part of your onboarding process. Outlining use policies for new employees and vendors sets a smart precedent about security from the start.


  1.  Maintain Up-to-Date Security Patches

Cyber attacks are constantly evolving, and your security tools should too. To stay ahead of the curve and keep hackers out, be proactive and ensure that all software and hardware is current.  


  1.  Keep Detailed Security Logs

This practice pulls double duty. Keeping complete logs of what goes on in your systems is good for security as well as troubleshooting. This is especially critical with applications that don’t have their own internal logging systems. Adding tools to log the activity of those applications can help you seal any gaps in your security.


  1. Create a Data Breach Response Plan

The reality is that almost half of businesses experience a security incident in the past year. Even if you follow all these best practices to the letter, your company might still get breached. That’s why it’s critical to come up with a response plan beforehand. If you have a plan in place, you’ll be able to minimize the damage if a cyber attack occurs.
Cyber attacks are a risk to any business, but with these tips in your bank, you’ll be much better equipped to keep your company data safe and secure.   To learn even more ways to keep your company’s data safe, check out Cybersecurity Fundamentals.


By, Spencer Grey