Privacy Policy

LearnBIG Course Privacy Policy

The LearnBIG platform monitors time, click, and responses in an effort to build a solid picture of participant performance.  This enables big data-style queries of trends and various aggregates to give unique business insight to our customers.

By default, the course database never stores or even handles any Personally Identifiable Information (PII).  The database allows customers to distinguish between users without identifying them because clients use a one-way hash to irretrievably scramble their IP address into what we refer to as an anonymous ID.  It is this anonymous ID that the course servers receive from the client that permits distinguishing between, but not identification of, users.

Information is anonymized such that it is possible to understand user behavior both in aggregate and individually, but, subject to the caveat above, information about activity is not attributable to specific individuals.

The course does store answers typed in by users and the authorized user identifier handed to it by a Learning Management System (LMS) if in use.  Unless specifically requested of us by the customer, we avoid requesting PII-related information from either the course participant or from the LMS.